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As a result of COVID-19 our lives had been changed drastically, your health is our priority. Our commitment during this pandemia is your health! We know you as a patient we know your needs, we are here to assist you from the comfort of your home. Remember if you have chronic medical condition stay at home, maintain social distance, wash hands frequently an do not hesitate to call us to make your first virtual appointment.  

How Telehealth Works

The term “telehealth” refers to any method of connecting patients with doctors and health professionals remotely. In many cases, doesn’t require an appointment and requires little to no waiting time. In most states, the doctors can write prescriptions, and sessions are covered by most insurance plans. Telehealth is a “videoconference call”

Benefits of Telehealth

Parents don’t have to leave home or drag along healthy kids to the doctor’s office, and people can get treated without leaving home when they’re sick or when the weather is bad. Low-cost sessions with no travel time or waiting room mean a more efficient doctor visit.

Improving Patient Outcomes

One of the main benefits of telehealth is improved patient outcomes. In part, this is because it helps to reduce the very factors that keep people from visiting doctors as regularly as they might otherwise want to – like cost, time and inconvenience. By reducing these barriers, patients can take more control over their health.


This option provides:

  • Most health insurance plans cover the cost of a virtual visit with the same copay as an in-office visit. We cannot guarantee that all insurance companies will accept telemedicine visit claims. We recommend contact your insurance to get details of your plan as well as to see if your insurance covers a Telehealth visit.
  • A $60 flat fee is also available for non-insured patients.
  • If you are an existing Healthy Living Clinic patient we will coordinate your care virtually.
  • Providers can address a variety of routine, non-emergent health concerns.
  • A 10 – 15-minute online visit with a healthcare provider can get you or your family a diagnosis, treatment, and prescription if appropriate.

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