The immigration medical exam is not a regular doctor’s visit. Is a medico-legal process that includes a series of laboratory tests, immunizations and sometimes X rays. Our immigration exam includes and orientation of this process as well completion of the I-693 Form. Only a civil surgeon designated by USCIS are authorized to perform medical exams requiered for most green card applicants.  



Does the initial fee for immigration exam include vaccines and laboratory tests?

ANSWERNO. Vaccines and laboratory test are not included. Our physician will guide through the tests and vaccines required. All vaccines and laboratory test are additional cost to you not included in the immigration exam fee.

How fast can I have my medical immigration exam?

ANSWERIt usually takes 1 week to 10 days. Depending how fast you provide us with the information needed; immunization records, getting ordered vaccines, completing ordered laboratory tests.

What documents do I need to bring for my medical examination?

ANSWEROnly a valid government-issued picture ID (Passport, Driver’s License, ID card, Work permit, Immigration Card, etc). If you have any proof of immunization records you can bring those the day of your visit (if you have them).

Do I need to bring my I-693 Form filled out?

ANSWER ➯ NO. We will provide the form filled out properly upon completion of your medical exam.

Do I need to pay for follow up or second visit?

ANSWER ➯ NO, unless your case requiere extra time and attention. 

Does my medical insurance cover my immigration exam fee?

ANSWER ➯ NO. The immigration exam fee can be paid in cash, checks, debit and credit cards. You can also pay for your immigration exam online on this website [PAYMENTS TAB] or at the end of your registration online [IMMIGRATION EXAM TAB] on this website.

Can I use my medical insurance to pay for my laboratory test and vaccines?

ANSWER ➯ Maybe depending of your medical insurance policy.

In case I need a referral to a specialist, (e.g. health department tuberculosis specialist, infectious disease specialist) does my initial fee cover this?

ANSWER ➯ NO. Every consultant has their own services fees.

Do I need a translation service? Is this included in my immigration service fee?

ANSWER ➯  NO. If you are not fluent in English please bring someone who can assist you during your visit,  preferable someone not related to you. If you do not have anyone one locally we can arrange a videoconference call with a translator, this will be an additional costs to you.

Can I use Google Translator Services?


What is the price of the immigration exam?

ANSWER ➯ Cash $ 250.00 and Credit or Debit Card $ 260.00

Where can I do my laboratory tests for the immigration exam?

ANSWER ➯ Laboratory tests needed are indicated individually. Our physician will guide you as to what laboratory tests you need. Our advice is to not do any tests until you are seen by our designated civil surgeon. We have competitive and affordable laboratory tests prices, but you can do your laboratory tests at the laboratory of your choice. Here are some examples of USCIS labs:

  • Immigration Standard Labs [Q-Gold, N. Gonorrhoeae, RPR] $ 151.00
  • Immigration Standard Labs Plus Varicella Immunity   $ 172.00
  • Immigration Standard Labs Plus Varicella plus MMR Immunity ➯ $ 222.00
  • Immigration Standard Labs Plus Varicella Plus MMR Plus Hep B Immunity $ 240.00

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