The immigration medical exam is not only a doctor’s visit but also includes a series of laboratory tests, immunizations and sometimes X rays as well as referrals to other consultants. The immigration exam that we provide also includes completion of the I-693 Form. Remember form I-693 is a legal document and needs to be completed accurately to avoid delays in your immigration case. Our advice is to come in with your valid ID ( you will not need to bring anything else) and we will guide you “step by step” on what you need to do. We are going to make your process easy and simple!


  • Does the initial fee for immigration exam include vaccines and laboratory tests?


Vaccines and laboratory test are not included. Our physician will guide you about the tests and vaccines you will need as well as guide you where this can be obtained. Vaccines and laboratory test are additional cost to you.

  • How fast can I have my medical immigration exam?

ANSWER: It usually takes 1 week, depending how fast you provide us the information needed; immunization records, getting ordered vaccines, completing ordered laboratory test.

  • What documents do I need to bring for my medical examination?

ANSWER: Only a valid government-issued picture ID (Driver’s License, ID card, Work permit, Immigration Card, Passport, etc).

  • Do I need any other documents (vaccines, laboratory tests, medical records, etc.) during the initial visit?


Any other document that you want to bring is OPTIONAL! Yes, you can bring those documents but usually are not necessary during your initial visit. “Walk Ins are Welcome” with a valid identification. We are going to guide you STEP by STEP during the process to successfully complete your immigration exam.

  • Do I need to pay for follow up or second visit?

ANSWER: Usually NO

The immigration exam is not only your physical, but also your medical interview and paperwork (completion of form I-693). Again in 90% of cases a second visit is not necessary and usually this process takes between 7 – 10 days. Sometimes this can be faster if you have all the requirements ready.

  • Does my medical insurance cover my immigration exam?


Immigration exam fee can be paid by paying cash, check, or credit card. Please note that by using a credit card this may cause you have additional charges on top of the initial cost.

  • Can I use my medical insurance to pay for my laboratory test and vaccines?

ANSWER: That will depend of you, your insurance plan and the laboratory test center that you choose to go. Every plan has different coverage.

  • In case I need a referral to a specialist, (e.g. health department tuberculosis specialist, infectious disease specialist) does my initial fee cover this?


Every consultant has their own services fees.

  • Do I need a translation service? Is this included in my immigration service fee?


If you are not fluent in English please bring someone who can assist you during your visit,  preferable someone not related to you. If you do not have anyone one locally we can arrange a videoconference call with a translator, this may incur additional costs to you. Our physician is fluent in Spanish he acts as a translator for Spanish speakers.

  • Can I use Google Translator Services?


  • Do I need to bring the form I-639 the day of my visit?


We will complete the form for you, once the process is completed you will be notified to return to the office to sign the form.

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